Soul Awakening services

  • Soul Sessions (Reading)
  • Personal Work (Healing Work)
  • Soul Sessions with Animals  (Animal Communication)
  • Healing Sessions
  • Gallery Readings
  • Workshops
  • Ministerial Services (i.e. Weddings, Baptisms, Ceremonies) 

Soul Sessions 

What is a Soul Session? A soul session is a reading where Sandra brings you to sacred space with care, compassion, and straight talk with Spirit.  She can travel into directions that require time and attention to understand the forces of energy that support you in bringing clarity from the past, to the present, for the future. Readings with Sandra are powerful mystical moments of wisdom that unlock energy, returning you to the magical flow of your life.

Sandra does 30 minute or 60 minute readings.  To inquire more or set up your Soul Session with Sandy, please contact her here.


Personal Work

Let your light shine.

With love and insight you become your authentic self.

Healing emotional wounds supports solving life's mysteries that keep one from feeling alive and unable to move forward. They are blocks that need tender removing so you can feel clean and clear for being in the present. Releasing karma also allows you to take responsibility for resolving contracts with relationships and patterns that no longer support you in who you are today. Personal work brings you to places that need to be understood, peace made, and grace found for you and all around you.

Personal work with Sandra is an on-going therapeutic process that occurs over a period of time, utilizing various strategies and approaches to find the unique solutions that will work for you in healing and resolving your life's story.


Soul Sessions with Animals

Sandra has an innate, and highly developed, ability to communicate with animals. She uses those skills both in her healing work with people and to assist animals that may need her abilities, particularly horses that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.

Her intuition and life long love of animals has developed her spiritual healing practice for working with people and their pets.  Sessions offer deeper understanding and bring clearer insights in supporting relationships and healing hearts. Sandra’s gifts travel into the pools of the unconscious, allowing an animal's voice be found and feelings be expressed, creating intimate conversations with pets and their partners.


Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are available by appointment and can be done in person or long distance. 


Gallery Readings

Gallery readings bring together a group of people who have moments with Spirit that work all for one and one for all. Sandra's energy with Spirit brings messages, mediumship, clears pathways, and gets to the point in a group that opens love, light, and delight for all who attend. You become the listener to many who ask the questions that also bring to you your answers. Gallery readings are events with Spirit that dazzle the heart and soften the body by gathering information for healing the soul.

A Gallery Reading can be held as a public event at a library or bookstore, as part of a program for a conference or training, or as  "entertainment" for a group of friends in your home.

If you would like to discuss having a Gallery Reading for your group, Sandra will be happy to discuss and schedule.


Ministerial Services

Reverend Sandra Harrick is an ordained minister available and honored to be part of  weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies.  Contact Rev. Sandra Harrick for more information.