Soul Sessions with Animals

Sandra has an innate, and highly developed, ability to communicate with animals. She uses those skills both in her healing work with people and to assist animals that may need her abilities, particularly horses that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.

Her intuition and life long love of animals has developed her spiritual healing practice for working with people and their pets.  Sessions offer deeper understanding and bring clearer insights in supporting relationships and healing hearts. Sandra‚Äôs gifts travel into the pools of the unconscious, allowing an animal's voice be found and feelings be expressed, creating intimate conversations with pets and their partners.


Saffyre sanctuary, INC.

"My breath has truly been altered. My heart forever beats to the rhythm of a Walk On. Welcome to this new adventure that I am honored to share in at Saffyre Sanctuary in making their documentary". 

- Sandra Harrick

 Check out some of the video sessions Sandra had with the horses at this amazing place. 



Hope was rescued by a dear friend's daughter who helped Hope survive and find a new life.  Since then, Hope has found a loving family who has adopted her.

Watch Sandra Harrick's video soul sessions with Hope. 


Changes Horses Event 

Sandra had the honor to travel to Denmark where she spoke as a guest lecturer at the Changes Horses Event. 

"It is a timeless journey that now rests in my heart forever." -Sandra