Listen to Sandra Harrick speaking from her heart at the Coptic Center Conference in Asheville, NC. 


meet rev. sandra harrick

Reverend Sandra Harrick is an internationally known intuitive counselor, lecturer, teacher, facilitator columnist, radio talk show, and BeLive TV host, dedicated to healing one’s heart for transforming one’s soul.  Her ministry over the past four decades has touched 1,000s of individuals seeking a deeper understanding of self, spirit, and soul, during their recovery from trauma.  By using multiple modalities and sharing her gifts of sight and insight individuals energetically and consciously shift, experiencing their sacred self by becoming accountable, real and awake in their lives and relationships.

Sandra has worked and studied with the first pioneers of the New Age from Jean Huston, Robert Masters, Dorothy and Mort Satten (co-founders of the Westwood Institute for Psychodrama and Psychotherapy) to the co-founders of The Landmark Forum, LifeSpring and Mind Dynamics.  Sandra graduated from the 7-step program in therapy studies, from Ocamora Foundation, an Educational Foundation in New Mexico, and is an alumnus of Sierra Tuscan in keeping her personal growth constant.   

Sandra’s passion for horses and animals developed her skills as an animal communicator working with Linda Wellington-Jones, Priscilla Hoback, and five-time Olympian, Ann Kursinski when riding her horses, Eros to Silver.   

Sandra still travels the world, continues to grow and shares her life with her husband Bobby Hall, at Unicorn Fields in Westmoreland, New Hampshire where they have created a magical rescue for critters of all shapes and sizes.